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When we are in search of a perfect life partner, formation and annihilation of several planet take place in the horoscope. In astrology there are planet combinations that tells exact time of marriage or when will you get married at what age. Some of the planet can help in conducting the marriage. However, several planetary combinations are there that bring obstructions in marriage. So there are two type of planet one who do the settlement for marriage and on the other side the planet who make it difficult to get settlement. Majority of favorable planet help when their period comes.

We are here to provide you the information regarding planetary position that can help to determine exact time of marriage.

Leave the traditional rules for marriage prediction

The symbolic planet of life partner in the horoscope of girl and boy are Jupiter and Venus respectively. However, we cannot get proper evaluation of marriage  time with this since both of these planets are weak when they are with Sun (Combust) and weak planets do not help in marriage.

The rotation of traditional rules will always be there. Important thing is when you get the most significant planetary combination for marriage prediction. Let’s know the exact time of marriage rules in astrology.

Marriage is turning point of life

Several important changes take place in the life of a person after marriage. It is therefore important to see when major period (Mahadasha) is taking place in sky since everything will change after marriage. This makes it important to know the planets that are signifying for some major changes. Following are some combinations that are favorable for marriage:

  • When the Major Period (mahadasha) of some planet finishes then marriage might take place.
  • In the beginning or end of Sade Sati of Saturn.
  • If most of the planets that were there at the time of birth are repeated in the present year.
  • The 2nd house of horoscope is related to family and lord of this house indicates for auspicious occasion in family such as marriage. So period of 2nd house planet is sign of marriage.
  • 9th house of horoscope indicates favorable activities when religious events take place and we all know that much is spent on religious deeds at the time of marriage.
  • 4th house is related to bliss and if happiness is going to arrive in life then condition of the lord of 4th house might bring happiness in the form of marriage.
  • 7th house is of marriage or life partner. When sub period (Antardasha) of any planet having aspect on 7th house or situated in this house arrives then it indicated the time of marriage.

When more than one of the above rules takes place then it is definitive indication of your marriage.

Check it yourself in horoscope & know the exact time of marriage

You can know the year of marriage following the above listed rules. However, there are several other such rules that are not listed here.

If your date of birth and other birth details iis there with us then we can predict about your marriage in a few minutes. Most of the marriage predictions made by us have come true since our calculation is purely based on practical astrology rules. We do not use any software for this there are several calculators on the internet for marriage prediction. One can only expect amusement from them and not a proper result. If you want to get details about marriage then contact us and do try the services by sending us the details of your birth date etc.

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