Your horoscope is composed of 12th houses that are the blueprint of your past, present, and future. Each house represents the specific characteristics as well as the circumstances you are likely to encounter in life.

And one of those houses is the 3rd House. The 3rd house is the house of communication, siblings, intelligence, habits, interests, and journeys in one’s life. Moreover, the third house also defines the “divine energy” within you as well as represents your aura. 

In other words, the third house is used to determine if you have something extraordinary. 

The third house is also the house of your talent and skills. For example, some batsmen in cricket are known for their strong defense which is due to the certain characteristics in their third house. The ability to hit the target well in your third house can make you a good bowler. 

The point is here that the third house determines your talent and skills. 

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