Rajpal Yadav, a well known comedian of hindi cinema, does not require formal introduction he was born on March 16, 1971. I tried to search and come to know that everywhere birth time is stated  12:00, it means his birth time is not known.

Nevertheless, when I assess the planets of this day, found that the sun was in the Pisces, the moon was in the Libra, so the sun zodiac sign is Pisces and moon’s zodiac sign is Libra.

Other planets on that day are as follows: Mars in the Sagittarius, Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio and Venus in Capricorn.

His name beginning with “R” also indicates that his zodiac sign is Libra. I try to explain here with the help of the above details which planets contributed in his personality.

As Rajpal Yadav is a great artist, there are two planets which played significant role for him in order to earn a big name in the field of art, These two planets are Venus & Moon. Both these two planets exchange their zodiac sign with each other in the horoscope of Rajpal Yadav. Venus is in the Cancer which is the zodiac sign of Moon and Moon is sat in the Libra, you know Libra is the zodiac sign of Venus. One important thing, Venus is become stronger, influential as it is accompanied by Rahu.

There are four planets which have occupied the friendly zodiac sign in the horoscope of Rajpal Yadav. Mercury and Saturn are debilitated. The native becomes full of happiness when Saturn goes debilitated in his horoscope.

Because sadness is considered from Saturn and sadness is reversed if this planet becomes debilitated. It will be unable to give sadness consequently happiness increases. You know comedy can’t be given if you are sad. It comes when you forget all your sorrows in life.


I break the name “Rajpal Yadav” Ra + J + Pa + L + Ya + D + V and take a glance at the planet of these alphabets. Which are as follows:-

Ra =    Libra                –           Venus

J =       Capricorn        –           Saturn

Pa =     Virgo               –           Mercury

L =      Aries                –           Mars

Ya =    Scorpio            –           Mars

D =      Aquarius          –           Saturn

V =      Taurus             –           Venus


In the above sign Venus, Saturn & Mars are important.

No doubt Venus, Saturn & Mars gave the special contribution in his success.

Apart from analyzing the planets of the horoscope of Rajpal Yadav, we congratulate him on his birthday and pray to God that he will have great success which he definitely deserves.


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