All the qualities which are required to be contained within a person to become a singer, a successful singer are elaborated in Alisha Chinoy. Today, on the 53th birthday of Alisha Chinoy, we congratulate her. This article is based on the date of birth of Alisha Chinoy. I will tell you about the planets of her horoscope which are helpful in making such a great celebrity. I would analyze her horoscope planets so the people who want to make names in the world of music get an inspiration.

In the horoscope of Alisha Chinoy, the moon is situated in Virgo, so her zodiac sign is Virgo. Sun is in Pisces sign. Jupiter is in Aries, Mars is in Leo, Venus & Saturn are in Aquarius, Mercury is in Pisces along with the Sun. Now the question arise what is special in these planets? How she has become a singer? If you are having even the basic knowledge of astrology you will come to know that almost all the planets are situated in their friendly zodiac sign. Venus & Saturn in Aquarius are yogkarak planet.

Mercury is the karak of speech and it empowers the native to become a singer. An ability of singing & different singing sound is given to her by the planet Mercury due to the Mercury’s situation in her horoscope. Though Mercury in the Pisces is debilitated yet this Mercury has formed a Vipreet Rajyog. The reason is if a debilitated planet is under the influence of malefic planet then it will form the vipreet rajyog.

Now we break the letters of her names, A + Li + Sha + Chi + Na + Y

Aries from A,

Aries from Li,

Virgo from Sha,

Aries from Chi,

Scorpio from Na and from Y Sagittarius.

This details show that the alphabets of her name are influenced by the planet Mars & Mercury. It is very important because Mercury is influenced by Mars in her horoscope also as Mars sees the Mercury with its sight in her horoscope. Strong Mercury makes the native a successful singer. The birth zodiac sign of Alisha Chinoy is Virgo and the lord of virgo is Mercury thus all these shows that the planet Mercury is behind her success.

Another important aspect of her horoscope is Rahu. She was passing through the Vinshontri Mahadasha  of Rahu during 1990 when her career was at the peak. It is important to note that the planet Rahu is at forefront in giving limelight, name & fame.

Let’s take a look on the date of birth of Alisha Chinoy, according to the numerological astrology her number is 9 and if we adding (18+03+1965) the letter of her date of birth her fortunate number is 6. As per her horoscope her birth sign is virgo which is at six number. This is wonderful coincidence. But it also confirms that Mercury has played an important role in her life.  This is her lucky number.

Whatever Elisha Chinoy’s birthchart or horoscope says, she lives in the heart of her fans.