Are you considering getting yourself some jewelry with gemstones? Did you know that wearing some gemstones can have a detrimental effect on your life and some can be auspicious. How a gemstone affects your life all depends on the positioning of the planets. The gemstones have a direct connection with your birth-chart. Gemstones are one of the most easily available and quick to work options that you can adopt in your life to change the direction it takes.

Many people claim to be experts on gemstones, but there are very few who can actually follow whether a gemstone will have the desired effects or not. Therefore, at Navmansh, we always suggest only those gemstones to a person which will manifest the maximum amount of benefit to the wearer. It is also important to make sure that the gemstone worn doesn’t have any side effects on the wearer and this is something that Navmansh takes extreme care regarding.

Some gemstones are not related to any planet, rather are related to specific situations and problems that you might encounter in your life. To know the true effect, both positive and negative that a gemstone might have on your life, it is important to study the birth-chart carefully. Many people tend to choose gemstones for improving their life by simply reading books. However this can be disastrous since using gemstones without proper consultation can have severe negative effects on the wearer’s life. Navmansh will be able to tell you the correct and specific gemstone to wear for success in your professional life, prosperity in your finances, married life. Some stars and planets in your birth-chart can also affect your health and relationships with people. Therefore use gemstone prediction by Navmansh to know what gemstones will help your life to take a turn in the positive. We will also tell you the weight and duration for which a gemstone must be used for optimal benefit.