Fascination (charm towards worldly things), delusion, hatred, Fury, Concupiscence are some disorders created by the Mother Nature. They forced the men to do anything. If we control our mind fully there is no doubt that our maximum problems will be solved. But it is easy to say and very difficult to do.

You would have seen the people who don’t have the control on their tongue i.e. they have bad eating habits. Due to this bad habit they trapped into the clutches of diseases.

We see that in the rage of anger we unable to control ourselves. Fascination you know, everyone is implicated in fascination. The condition of the people is worse who are badly attached with their spouse. They are unable to go away from their loved ones. Who will go away from their children? Man leaves no stone unturned for the pleasure of his children.



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In fact, in the presence of these materialistic bonds person cannot remain happy. The people only talk about Reclusion as a matter of fact they don’t want to come out from the fascination & delusion.

Is there any remedy, medicine, solution which ends our desires, destroy our anger, control our tongue & taste and conquer our concupiscence? Is it possible?

Yes it is possible; it is possible through one Mantra. There is one effective Mantra which ensures the possibility of even impossible.

 Mantra is as follows:-

 नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय (Om namo bhagwate vasudevaye)

You would have heard & read about this Mantra. But I think you may not aware about the benefit of this Mantra. On the basis of my personal experience I am telling you the benefit of this Mantra.

You will have to follow some rituals before starting this Mantra. First of all take one Idol of God Vishnu; if Idol is not available then you may take the photo also. Place the Idol or photo on the asana of Red color clothe. After the worship of God Vishnu with Dhoop, Lamp, Flower etc chant one bead of this Mantra.

If you forget to worship on any day then you may chant this Mantra thrice with apologizes. After the sixty days you will feel the self control over your body & mind. You may able to control on your hunger and feel the increasing tolerance power in yourself.

After six months you will completely conquer your anger and you start thinking about Reclusion seriously. You shall be free from all type of fear & fright. You may not have the sensation of pain. After the worship of one year you will have the complete Reclusion like we feel in the Crematorium.