Saturn Transit in Sagittarius Sign – Effects and Remedies

After October 26, Saturn will be in Sagittarius Sign and will remain in Sagittarius for two and a half years. Whenever Saturn transit takes place time turnarounds (changes). Life changes, the world changes and the world gains momentum. We are looking at this transit with a special view. We want the Saturn transit to be auspicious on the world, but some things have to be kept in mind.

Saturn – An Agent of Justice

Just as a judge on his chair at the time of morning, begins to decide upon a case, hears and punishes. Similarly, when Saturn transit takes place, from one zodiac sign into another, it is as if after dealing with one file of the case and paying attention to the second case file.

These people should be careful

After October 26, difficulties will arise for those people who were lazy and pushing the time. Due to laziness, they were not putting in their efforts. In addition to this, those people should also be careful who have betrayed someone a year or so ago. Someone who has betrayed by the promises, they are retracted with promises, back out after taking money, those people who have oppressed others.

People who break the heart of someone, have cheated in love and those who harm others for their benefit become cautious because now the time has taken a turn.

Only a few days left for the remedies

Whenever Saturn transit takes place and comes from one zodiac into another, if it is inauspicious for someone, then the person understands everything. Their mistakes start to appear and they repent of their deeds, then they try to please Saturn by burning diyas (lamps) on the Peepal tree. But once the Saturn transit takes place, the Saturn declares the punishments, and the person continues to resort to the remedies after remedies. It is not that doing Saturn’s remedy does not benefit but Saturn’s remedies have to be done on time, but not after the time has passed.

How to avoid the bad-effects of Saturn

If you have cheated someone, if you have hurt someone’s heart, if you have done something that you should not have done or whose remorse you have, then you have an opportunity to make amends for your mistakes before this Saturn transit or within one month after the transit of Saturn.

Saturn says that you do not please me but do not do bad things. Saturn says that you should not offer me oil, but heal the wounds of those whom you have given pain. Saturn says that give the right compensation to those whom you have harmed and Saturn says that if you broke someone’s heart, so ask them once for forgiveness, if they forgive you, then you do not need to take any remedy for me. And if you cannot do this then there will be no benefit from doing any remedy.