Raveena Tandon is one of the actresses who got the crown of superstar in her time. The popularity of Raveena can be estimated from the fact that there was no other actress comparable to her in her time.

Today is Raveena Tandon’s birthday and on this auspicious occasion we dedicate this article to her.

Along with possessing powerful stars, Raveena Tandon is also very talented. Just like she is a special personality of the film industry, her planets also have something special which is not seen in everyone’s horoscope. Her planetary position is something that is capable of providing her the status of a prestigious actress.

In her birth’s time ‘Gaj Kesari Yoga’ of Jupiter and Moon is present, besides this all the other planets have the aspect of theJupiter. The Moon becomes strong when placed with Jupiter and when such a Moon when meets the Jupiter, the person develops creativity along with maturity. There is innocence on her face due to the moon and seriousness is seen on the face due to the Jupiter. These two planets are very strong and see the other planets of the horoscope which includes Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus. Because of the influence of Jupiter on most of the planets of her horoscope she got huge success in her life.



Lucky numbers and dates according to Numerology

In addition to the birth chart, the effect of the Moon on her life is also seen according to numerology. The frequency of numbers 2 and 4 has been repeated in her life. If we see her date of birth (26-10-1974) then adding 2+6+1+0+1+9+7+4, we get 8. If we see her date of birth then by adding 2 and 6 we get 8 which is divisible by 2.

Take a look at the life of Raveena Tandon and her wedding date. If we look carefully at the date of her marriage which was in the month of February (22-2-2004), then we’ll find that the number 2 has appeared four times in this date. Number 2 has always done something good in her life. If we see the release date of her films, then whenever number 2 appears, her films have been a hit. If we see the release date of her first film (22-2-1991), we find that the number 2 appears three times.



The movie Dilwale was a superhit which was released on the date (4-2-1994). If we add all the digits, we’ll get 2.

4+2+1+9+9+4= 29

2+9 = 11

1+1 = 2

The month of February in itself comes in second (2) place.



The success achieved by film Mohra (1-7-1994) can also be credited to the number 2.  We get 4 by adding the digits and 4 is divisible by 2.

1+7+1+9+9+4= 31

3+1= 4




After this, the movie Aatish (17-7-1994) got released which gave the number 2 after adding the digits of release date:

1+7+7+1+9+9+4= 38

3+8= 11

1+1= 2


Andaz Apna Apna-as-per-astrology

She worked with Karishma Kapoor in Andaz Apna Apna (4-11-1994) and that was also a super hit film which also gives number 2 after adding the release date:

4+1+1+1+9+9+4 = 29

2+9= 11

1+1= 2

Andaz Apna Apna-as-per-astrology[divider]

She did Ghulam-e-Mustafa with Nana Patekar which was released on (3-11-1997). Adding the digits, we get the number 4 which is also divisible by 2. That is why this movie also proved to be beneficial for her career.


3+1= 4

4/2= 2


All the other movies that contain the digit 2 or its multiples were also hit. For example, Aunty Number One(1-5-1998). We get 6 after adding all the digits

 1+5+1+9+9+8= 33

3+3= 6

We get 6 after adding all the digits



Dulhe Raja (1-7-1998) gives the number 8 after addition.

1+7+1+9+9+8= 35

3+5= 8, which is divided by 2.


Unlucky numbers in the life of Raveena Tandon

Whatever number two has done in her life, it has done well.

On the contrary, whenever number 5 appeared in her life, then nothing good happened to her.

Most of her flop films are related to the number 5. It can also be seen in this way that all the even numbers are auspicious in her life while the odd numbers are inauspicious in her life. Some examples are as follows:


Taqdeerwala                            (1+2+5+1+9+9+5) =5

Zamana Deewana                     (2+8+7+1+9+9+5) =5

Keemat                                      (1+4+1+9+9+8)      =5

AKS                                         (1+3+7+2+1)           =5

Akhiyon Se Gooli Maare             (2+8+2+2)                =5

Satta                                       (7+2+2+3)                =5

Ek Se Badhkar Ek                      (1+7+9+2+4)           =5

Jaago                                       (6+2+2+4)               =5

And this counting is still going on. Raveena Tandon appears very much beautiful even today. We give her warm wishes on the occasion of her birthday and we also hope that the coming time gives her lots of success and prosperity.

The lesson that we learn from the life of Raveena Tandon is that there is an effect of planets in the life of every person. However, if you have talent then the planets will also accompany you and you will get success even in the unfavorable circumstances.