People who are not getting married due to their critical planets generally ask the astrologers to change their time of birth so the horoscope could be considerable. Some selfish astrologers do this task for the sake of money which make the people frustrated from astrology. There is a way out to know about your life partner. You can determine almost everything about your life partner by your own horoscope. If you try to learn basics of astrology, such astrologers and such fraud people cannot make you fool.



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The twelve house of the birth chart represent the different sphere of life. The seventh house of the birth chart tells us about the marriage, married life & life partner. This house tells us the status of the life partner. If you want to go into more deep then you will have to study the Navmansh chart.

Fraud Proposals – Navmansh tell the true story

Spouse’s character, business, mental state, health details can be read from the Navmansh chart. It has come to the light from the recent research that the position of the lord of seventh house in the Navmansh chart tells us everything. We may easily come to know before marriage that the person is speaking truth or not. Sometimes people intentionally or unintentionally hide the important information about the girl or boy in question.

But a learned astrologer with the study of the Navmansh chart will give you all the information.

For example one birth chart is given.

In Janma Lagna the lord of 7th house (Saturn)

Fraud marriage proposals Lagna

In Navmansh the Saturn (lord of 7th house) is debilitated.

Fraud Marrriage Proposals Navmansh Chakra

The native of this chart is a woman. Her first marriage is broken. On the very first day of the marriage she came to know that her husband is not only already married but suffered from mental illness also. He was an alcoholic & addict of intoxicated drugs etc. Even he was unemployed.

The lord of the seventh house of the birth chart sat in the twelfth house of Navmansh chart and it is debilitated. The 12th house represent as enjoyment, sex, sleeping, expenses, drinking habits, intoxication and all kind of bad habits. The malefic planets (Rahu, Saturn, Mars) if found in this house, the native becomes addictive and habitual of alcohol, drugs etc.

when will I get married

kundali matching

Addictive & Alcoholic Life Partner by Horoscope

The native becomes alcoholic or addict of drugs etc when Saturn found in the 12th house of the horoscope. The more weak the Saturn is in the 12th house the native will be more addict of drugs etc. If Saturn is in good position in the chart then in exceptional cases the Saturn will be powerful in this house.

In the present Navmansh chart the Saturn is the lord of Tenth house and is debilitated. Being the lord of 9th and 10th house the Saturn is debilitated in 12th house which is bad for the 9th and 10th house also. Tenth house represents the Karma, profession etc therefore the question of job does not arise. The aspect of this type of Saturn on the lord of ascendant makes the native Sly, deceiver, cheater & solitary. The more the impact of malefic planet on the ascendant the more the native will be of criminal nature.

In the present Navmansh chart Venus is lord of ascendant and it is under the aspect of Mars & Saturn. The Chart itself is telling the whole truth.


The Cheater & deceiver don’t tell the right date of birth & right time of birth. But when we have your birth chart we don’t have any need to read the birth chart of your prospective partner.