An actress who made a dynamic and passionate entry in the Bollywood in the name of Mallika Sherawat, on her birthday, we congratulate her and wish for her that she rules over Bollywood as a Mallika (queen).

At the time of her birth, Planet Mars, Sun, Moon and Rahu were placed in Libra sign, when the sun and moon are in the Libra sign, then Diwali takes place.

The Parivartan or Exchange Yoga of Mars and Venus in her horoscope is special because Libra and Scorpio both of these zodiac signs belong to Mars and Venus, Venus, is the planet of the entertainment industry and fashion world and Mars is known for passion, obsession and power.

If there is a contribution of Mars in the beauty of women, then the woman looks different from the crowd; this is evidence of friendship of Mars with Venus in the horoscope of Mallika.

Mars is a ruling (factor) planet of courage and excitement, because in those people who have Mars in their ascendent, this quality exists naturally, their body ratio is also balanced.

The horoscope of Mallika is understood by the placement of planets, but according to the numerology, there is some coincidence that their life shows the miracle of the numbers.

In her life, number 6 has repeatedly shown its presence if you see her date of (24-10-1976).  24 (2+4= 6)

Let’s have a look at her hit films and their release dates.

Double Dhamaal

Release: 22-6-2011



Release: 21-12-2007





Release: 66-2003


Pyar ke Sideeffects

Release: 15-9-2006



Aapka Saroor

Release: 29-6-2007


Mallika Sherawat’s name is not just a coincidence, but if you add digits of her name, then number 6 comes.

Is this not enough to prove the authenticity of numerology?

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