Readers of astrology know very well that each & every house of Horoscope represent the different sphere of life. In the present article I would tell about the Male Child prediction and solutions. Fifth house in the horoscope represent the Progeny. This house tells us how much child the native would have.

It is assumed that when fifth house is under the influence of female planet the Native would have female child and if it is under the influence of male planet the native would get the male child.

But as far as my personal experience & observation is concerned i have seen the horoscope of people who don’t have son. Even though the fifth house in their horoscope was under the influence of Jupiter but they never got the son, they had yearning desire for male progeny. Then i decided to analysis the horoscope of all this kind of people who could not get the son.



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In some cases there was some deficiency in wife’s horoscope and in some case husband’s horoscope.

And in the last i come to know that it is just impossible task to predict about life & death. When the question arises related to Life & death then you can’t predict anything just on the basis of calculation actually on this subject prediction can be done only through sainthood or sidhi.

Let any reason for not getting son but the remedy i am telling you work miraculously. It is tried by many people and got the positive results. Definitely, you will get the male Progeny if you do the worship with devotion as per my direction.

The worship of God Hanuman is not an easy task. Whenever you take the resolution of worshipping the God Hanuman the very first & strict condition is to follow complete Celibacy. If you control yourself, your body & mind then you can take the resolution to do this worship.

It would be better if you take the Munga beads if not available then you can take the Rudraksh beads.

Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa one hundred eight times daily beginning from the tuesday of Shukla Paksh. (Shukla Paksh means Fortnight period from New moon to Full moon.)

It would be better if you do this worship in the Night. Take the special care of cleanliness, don’t do the worship without taking bath. Women’s contact, Non veg food, Alcohol is prohibited during the worship period & sixty days after the worship.

Sitting in front of God Hanuman on the Red Aasna lit the lamp of Ghee and start the worship. After the forty days you shall have enough power that everything looks trivial to you.

From the third day of the worship you will feel a feeling of courage, enthusiasm and elation.

The Arduous work of the Forty days worship will be easy for you. Even the God Hanuman appear in the dream of some disciples.

One most important thing always keep in mind that it is very essential to worship the God Ram before starting the worship of God Hanuman.

As a result of this worship the ability to generate the Son in your semen will increase many times.