This article is dedicated to the women who are in the state of Confusion that does my husband really love me or not. Though I have written this article purely for the women men may also read this and trust me, they will also appreciate and will be fully agreed with me.

 So let us try to know about your Husband, as far as Love is concerned & love related matters are concerned according to their zodiac sign. I will give full detail of all the twelve zodiac signs. Let’s start from the Aries:-

Love of Aries

The men of Aries can’t be considered love bird as far as Love, Romance is concerned. If your husband or lover is Aries and he has chosen to spend time with you then it is more than enough and it means he is expressing his love desires. I think you should not expect more than this.

Love of Taurus

The people of Taurus are just opposite to Aries. They are trustworthy and their wife or beloved knows very well that how much they have love for them. They never require to show their love & affection for the life partner. In case, they have to show love for you, they will be worried and they will prefer to give you something expensive. But, they do this thing only when they feel insecure.  

Love of Gemini

The people of Gemini do something different to express love & affection. They give the news of their personal achievement such as Promotion, Increment etc and then celebrate this occasion with their love partner. This is their way of expressing affection. Actually, the people of Gemini are to some extent materialist and they think that time is as precious as money, so they will not give even the time in free to someone.

Love of Cancer

The people of Cancer never pretend to be Romantic. Actually, they are very transparent whatever they have in their mind they never hide but they express openly. It will not be wrong if we call them love bird. They are fully programmed to show & express Romance. To express his beloved or wife they will fully utilize the filmi song, Shayari and expensive gift also. They will not no stone unturned to show their love, affection for their beloved.

Love of Leo

Leo people can be considered very caring for their beloved. They remain always worried about their need, their requirements. This is a unique way of expressing their love & affection. 

Love of Virgo

The love of Virgo people can be named as silent love. But they love with their beloved from the fathom of their heart. They don’t express their love with words, songs etc. 

Love of Libra

The people of Libra feel uncomfortable expressing their love through words. Even, sometimes, they hesitate to say thanks also. But they never forget any occasion of giving gifts to their beloved. 

Love of Scorpio

Scorpio people are Romantic in real sense. They never forget any chance of expressing their love for their beloved. Whenever they get the chance they immediately go to his beloved and express their Romantic feeling for beloved.

Love of Sagittarius

The love of the people of Sagittarius is invisible. They never speak “No” for the happiness of their partner. They feel good by giving their partner whatever she deserves.They always wait for the pleasant weather for Romance.

Love of Capricorn

They have a unique way of expressing their love. They either invite their beloved for a long drive or go for candlelight dinner. When they do this their beloved understood that he is in a romantic mood. Sometimes, they do something different and surprised her by giving her comfort. This is the way of expressing their love.

Love of Aquarius

Aquarius people are very caring. Sometimes, this caring attitude becomes irritating also. When they disturb their beloved by making unnecessarily phone call then she should understand that he is in a romantic mood and expressing his love towards her. I can prove my stand through the following imaginary dialogue. 

Wife: Hello Jaanu, have you have your lunch?

Husband: Yaar, 10 minutes ago I had told you that I am very busy, it will take some time.

Wife: Jaanu, I just wanted to remind you that today sweet is also there in your lunch box.

Husband: OK, I will take.

Wife: No, no, sweet is not packed in your lunch box, it is packed separated.

Now the husband is speechless.

So, this kind of couples is mostly related to Aquarius. 

Love & Pisces

The people of Pisces are very obedient, faithful for their partner. They are always eager to do anything at her direction. They come tired in the house and if she demanded to go shopping they will immediately ready to go with her. However, after doing these things they get no time to express love. 

So, you would have understood that it is not necessary to say “I Love You” every time to express love. If your husband has taken a leave from his office by observing the pleasant climate then you should understand that he is in a mood of love. Finally, I would conclude by saying that everything should not be expressed through words because Language of love is different.