There are lot of questions asked about love marriages and compatibility between the life partners which dont get satisfies even through repeated queses. We will try to satisfy the marriageable candidates through this article.There are some secrets in kundli about your partner which you don’t know and its understand can make your married life pleasureable.
 Venus or 5th house in kundli is for love. All the sources of love marriage can be known though panchmesh which resides in the 5th house. On the basis of some planets situation we can ascertain how much we will succeed in love but only learned astrologer can know about this.
Kundli is a sign of failure in love if the position of sun is in 5th house. Whenever any favorable planet looks at 5th house in kundli then only Love relations happens and it gets sore whenever unfavorable planet looks at it.
You can get success in love, Love Marriage & Love Affairs if Panchmesh remains a favorable Planet or in favorable position.
A person is unstable in love relationship if Moon is in 5th house of kundli and relationship will only be for short time. It brings success in love if Moon is in high position or SWAGRAHI. It  brings only failure  if mars is in 5th house and all efforts will go futile to make relations better.
If Mercury is there in 5th house of kundali then a Person will be clever. He knows very well how to mold lie into truth.If Rahu, Mars & Shani effecting Budh in kundali then this type person will not be trustworthy.
More than one favorable planet in 5th house of horoscope indicates that there will be more than one love affair. If Shukra & Budh both are there in 5th house then there will be more than one love affair at one time.
The person will be trustworthy and kind hear ted if Jupiter in 5th house and love affairs will not be established if Jupiter is alone.
Though there will be many affairs but practically it is not good if Venus is in the fifth position,It is good not to trust that person in love affairs  if Shukra is with lots of unfavorable planets then . Good or bad anything can happen if Shukra is there in 5th house.
Love will become worship if Saturn is in the 5th place because it is one of the most favorable planet.
Ups & downs in your relationship is indicated by Rahu & Ketu in this place indicates there will be. Panchmesh(which represents Lovers) & Saptmesh(Planet who helps in marriage to take place)should sit together for love marriage both. See in Navmansh Chakra if both are not there in janam lagna then .It is not a appropriate Yog for love marriage.if they are not there as well
possibility of Love Marriage is there if Panchmesh(the lord of 5th house in horoscope) is there with Venus.