Indian astrology is not limited as Ascendant and Moon sign. Usually people ignore shodashvarga which is the most important part of Horoscope and prediction. If we want to analyze a horoscope with depth of details, one day or even one month is not enough.

Even renowned astrologers try to escape from Shodashwarga reading. The only reason is it always takes time and even shallow knowledge will not work.

Role of Navmansh for marriage prediction

Navmansh comes first when we are reading Shodashwarga. The ninth part of a Janam Kundali (Ascemdam) is Navmansha chart. It is not just a little part of horoscope but surprisingly it tells almost everything about life partner.

How will be complexion of life partner, how will be his nature, character and education level? How position will be in his job or career. How will be financial condition of family? How many brother or sisters he will have? If any doubt about character it can be interpret. How much relationship will be present or already ended? How will be life after marriage and what will be family reputation?

Marriage will be successful or not and many more other things can be interpret by just Navmansh.



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How to read Navmansh initially?

To read a horoscope first of all we look into ascendant and situation of ascendant lord. But if we want to know about life partner then Navmansh is the key, to open every doubt and mystery. Navmansh can tell some unexplained doubts and facts of life partner.

Life Partner horoscope prediction – Example

Let’s analyze a lady’s horoscope to understand all these points more clearly. The horoscope shown below is of a lady who lives in Bangalore. I am going to explain her Navmansh chart and about her life partner.

Life partner's horoscope Interpretation

Ascendant is aspect by Mercury and Saturn. It means his partner’s height will be long and his physic will be balanced. Due to Saturn people becomes low complexion and due to Mercury complexion becomes fair. Here in Navmansh Horoscope the influence of Saturn is more than Mercury so his life partner will be blackish by complexion. Eyes will be shorter and less hair will be on his body.

Due to Mercury’s aspect the person will be clever for sure. Moon is behind and is 12th so her mother will be far away from his location. May be she living in any other country or far away from his current city.

About father (in law) the key is Sun in Navmansh too. Sun is with Mars in Scorpio. Source of income will be from navy or army. If not the person’s father could be a surgeon or bone specialist. Because when Mars and Sun comes together, the person involves in profession of doctor or surgeon. Sun have planets both sides so financial condition will be fine. Sun and Mars aspect 5th house together so person will be knowledgeable and having more than one source of knowledge. Mars is symbol of technical jobs, Sun is admin. So the life partner will belong to such job.

Venus is in 10th house with Ketu. Ketu make the powerful planet more powerful. It takes the power to the heights. Venus is also concerned to computer. It means that life partner’s job will be very good in which the future will be secured. The Venus also gives comfort so in job the life partner will be comfortable and having good assets.

Let’s see 4th house. Conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu is not good for Jupiter. Jupiter becomes weaker and Saturn gets hurmit. Rahu generate confusions and make things no results. A land should be there which have disputes. The land will be related to grandfather (Jupiter). 4th house is of court cases. Saturn and Rahu generate the court cases in this house.

What she said after reading the interpretation

Let’s find what the facts are. When asked to lady she replied most things are true about his boyfriend to whom she is going to marry.

The more study will be required for more clear picture but whatever I have explained above, one thing is very clear that interpretation about life partner is possible with the horoscope and by just date of birth.


My observation says if Navmansh horoscope and ascendant being calculated carefully, not only the facts of life will be clear and also if anything going to wrong with the person, he could be alert and will be able to face the situation.

Your comment, suggestion and even complaints are welcome in this regard.

Ashok Prajapati