Introduction to Gundmool Nakshatras

The Nakshatra ruled by the Mercury & Ketu are known as GundMool Nakshatra. Six Nakshatra comes under the category of GundMool Nakshatra. They are Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshtha, Moola and Revati. When Moon comes in these Nakshatra at the time of birth, the child is said to born in “Gundmool Nakshatra”.

Misconception prevalent about Gundmool in Society

It is assumed that the child born in these Nakshatra is ill-fated & ominous. The child may pose threat to near relatives like maternal uncle, father, mother etc.

Six out of Twenty Seven Nakshatra are Gundmool and it means that more than 20 percent world population is ill-fated. Does it mean more than 75% population is auspicious. But in practical astrology I have observed that every nakshatra has four period. The first period of Ashwini, Magha and Mool nakshatras are auspicious and forth and last period of Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati is good for everyone.



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Gundmool born girls

I have seen that girls born in Gundmool are victim of discrimination. At the time of marriage when it comes to know that the Bride is born in Gundmool Nakshatra, immediately denied for marriage by the Pandits. This type of things must be stopped and should not be recognized. Gundmool Nakshatra never implies that the girls are unfortunate & inauspicious. On the other hand, Gundmool does not affect the marital life.

My assumption in this regard is that if Gundmool is bad for Girls then they would be equally bad and unlucky for boys also. If Gundmool is inauspicious then it would be harmful for all.

Facts behind Gundmool Nakshatras

As far as my knowledge is concerned, if seventh house of your horoscope is good at the time of your birth then Manglik Dosh, Kaal Sarp Yoga, Gundmool all are irrelevant for you. All people who born in Gundmoolas are not unlucky. Mukesh Ambani is born in Mool Nakshatra 4th period. Hritik Roshan is born in Ashlesha Nakshatra 2nd period. Abhishek Bacchan is another example of Gundmoola born.

How to determine the goodness of the Seventh House?

The seventh house will be considered good and fruitful when the lord of the Seventh house or Jupiter are exalted, in own house, in friendly planet house, in benefic zodiac sign or under the aspect of Jupiter.

The seventh house will be considered good in that condition also when there is presence of Planet Venus or Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces zodiac sign. In the Navmansh Kundali the lord of seventh house should be exalted, there should be two benefic planets placed in seventh house.

How to get rid of ill effect of Gundmool?

When a child is born in the Gundmool Nakshatra the Puja should be performed on twenty seventh days of his birth. It is said that one can get rid of ill effect of Gundmool if Soil of twenty seven places which include Square (where the four road cross), soil of Hathikhana, soil of Snake Bambi, soil of Court, soil of police station, soil of hospital should be collected along with water of well poured in a Earthen pot having twenty seven holes and the child should give bath from this in the Nakshatra in which he was born.


I have written maximum I had in experience about Gundmool. If you are missing something feel free to ask through comment box. The Gundmool nakshatra born is does not mean that native is unlucky. Other planet do their work. If you want to know about your status about Gundmool just send your birth details so I can guide you.