The fourth house is directly related to your dream world. All those things that you want to achieve but cannot achieve only you can dream about are associated with the fourth house of the horoscope.

Those people whose fourth house is not in a good condition in their horoscope, no matter how much money they earn, they buy any number of pleasures, but someone else enjoys all those things of comfort.

The fourth house of the horoscope is the place of the mother. For a mother, husband and children, her parents and siblings or other relatives are important. There is only one mother who cares about all relationships. You do not consume the things of happiness that you buy in your life. A mother shares her happiness among her children or loved ones and is happy in that. The fourth house is also the same. A mother’s place is as sacred as a mother is. The planet in this place of the horoscope will have the same effect on your mother in your life. The same effect will be on your living and lifestyle.

The fourth house is the result of the values ​​you have received from your parents. If there are auspicious planets like Moon Venus or Jupiter Mercury at this place, then there will also be a time of rest in your life. You will be able to live in peace.

It happens with so many people that whenever there is a chance of happiness in life, then some or the other obstacles are also present at the same time. The fourth house of the horoscope of such people is definitely worth checking because only then will it be resolved.

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