Navmansh offers accurate career prediction by date of birth & time so fill the form & know when you will get the job, when you will get promotion, increment, transfer & good bad phase in your career life.

In the current world, everybody is keen to know about their career prospects and what kind of success or failure they may encounter in their professional life. Careers can be a big problem for many people as the world has become competitive and the employment rate is reducing. One may want to know what kind of profession they will pursue and what is suited for them according to their stars. This is where Navmansh will make things easier for you.

You can request a free career prediction by date of birth & other details filling in the form below.

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What you will get in career prediction

Our predictions will tell you whether you are more suited for a job or a business. If you are more suited for a job then our prediction will also tell you about the promotions or increments that may be coming your way.

Our predictions will tell you the exact direction that your profession will take in the next 5-7 years, the obstacles you might face, the success you will achieve and the developments that lie ahead of you. Are you considering taking a risk in your current job?

Looking for change in job? Get career prediction & go ahead

Do you want to shift to a new employer? With our career predictions, you will know when the right time to take a new job is or how much longer you should stay in your current job. You will know overall how your job will go and when you are likely to encounter positive circumstances or negative situations.

Career prediction for business

Are you the owner of a business? Are you planning to enter the business arena? With predictions from Navmansh you can know all the details you may be wondering with regard to your business venture.

Our predictions will tell you when it is a good time for you to take a risk in your venture and when you should hold on to the path. The predictions will tell you regarding the growth rate and the success of your business, whether a location is suitable or not, whether taking a partner is the right decision or not. The predictions will also tell you the Golden Time of your business!

So if you are looking for growth in career follow the time-frame given in the astrology report & see how astrology helps in your career. Thousands of other people have taken our guidence for career.

We charge a nominal consultation fee for career prediction by date of birth & report will come into your inbox.

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