As per astrology career prediction absolutely free is right here. This career prediction is based on four major planets of the horoscope and these are Saturn Rahu Ketu and Jupiter respectively. But in the current post, I would like to share your career prediction as per Saturn’s position in the sky.

Saturn's Prediction for your Career

Personally, this is my own experience that these four planets play the most important role for your career prediction but if you need an accurate prediction of career then I will need your date of birth and time place of birth detail. You can use the form below to get the free trial prediction on your email.

Before you understand the career prediction you must know about astrology basic rules of current planetary positions. Saturn is going through who the Sagittarius zodiac sign right now next year Saturn will transit into Capricorn.

Saturn’s effect is more than any other planet like Jupiter Rahu and Ketu.

Currently, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, and Aquarius Zodiac signs have the effect of Saturn.

Saturn’s effect on your career

Career Prediction for Sagittarius people is you will have to your work very hard to tell the starting of January. The workload will be high due to Saturn’s presence. If you do efforts & don’t be lazy the results will be there till Jan 2020. Right now you need smart work instead of hard work. Just focus on your energy on the achievable goals.

Sagittarius Career Prediction 2019-20

After November things will improve and your expenses will be under control. You cannot expect act prosperity before December.

For Gemini people career prediction is almost like above. You should keep patience at your workplace. Saturn’s aspect may push you for instant action but don’t take risk of the job. This is not the right time to switch the job.

Gemini Career Prediction 2019-20

Virgo people will be forced to leave the job until the end of Jan 2020. If possible stay in the job with patience because there is something good in the future for you.

Virgo Career Prediction 2019-20

For Aquarius Sign, till January 2020 there are huge responsibilities on your head. There is no risk of your job just this is a myth in your mind due to Saturn aspect. You are not alone in the world who is waiting. You cannot take the right decision in the confusion state of mind.

Aquarius Career Prediction 2019-20

The prediction of career for all other zodiac signs.

Aries people are facing slow growth until February. Financially you are sound but your competitors will dominate you after Feb 2020. Your laziness is going to be the biggest problem for your career. Next year you might be super lazy.

Aries Career Prediction 2019-20

Taurus zodiac sign people are not satisfied with their current position in the job they will try to change the job but no luck at least till February 2020. My prediction says you might have some health issues which will affect your performance this year. Be careful about your performance because your enemies are waiting for a mistake from your side.

Taurus Career Prediction 2019-20

Cancer zodiac sign will get the fruit of their hard work till February. Whatever you are doing is great & I would recommend you to keep it up. Your experiments will become more fruitful so use your God Gifted creativity.

Cancer Career Prediction 2019-20

The Career Prediction for Leo zodiac sign is dry this year. You have to learn a lot after February you will get the results. If you accept the circumstances & ignore small things the time will become favorable for you. All your efforts are going into the vain. But next year comes with a lot of happenings for you. Till the end of Jan 2020, you have to control your anger. Don’t argue with your boss as you are not aware of reality.

Libra sign will get good growth in a career as per my prediction. You need not change your job at least till February 2020. This year is good for your career so use this time to prepare yourself for the next year which is going to be rough for you.

Libra Career Prediction 2019-20

Career prediction for Scorpio sign is right now complicated but after February you can expect relief from Saturn and relief from circumstances in your career and business.

Scorpio Career Prediction 2019-20

Capricorn career prediction is a little bit bad this year. Till February you will have great expenses so don’t take any risk of your job. Sudden expenses will disappoint you but this is in your hands that unnecessary items can be avoided. Small frequent expenses will create a problem while the income source is unstable. Right now you need not do any experiments in your job or business.

Capricorn Career Prediction 2019-20

For Pisces, the career prediction is not so much good. You will feel laziness and dry time at your workplace things will improve after February 2020 you need to keep patience in the job and business. If you are stuck in the job & its taking long wait for the next year there is change everywhere.

Pisces Career Prediction 2019-20

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