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Immediately after becoming the parents of the child, the parents start worrying about the career of their child. Their eagerness take them to an astrologer and first of all, they ask which kind of education we should provide to our child so that he may be successful in his life. Instead, the parents if the child himself ask from the astrologer that in which sphere of life I will serve, then it will seem strange. Because by seeing physically no one can predict about the child. Practically, a child may not have enough reasoning capacity that he will himself ask from the astrologer that in which field I will serve in my life. Therefore, most of the parents ask about the future of their child.

The interest of the child

The people always say that the child goes in the same field in which he takes interest in his childhood. No one can deny this fact but suppose a child prefers to play with clay in his childhood, what he would become after finishing his education. For example, he becomes a software engineer in his life then what is the use of this theory that a child takes the same field in which he takes interest in his childhood. 

Interest can change after a while

No doubt, the planets affect the children also. Let’s try to know what does the impact of the period of the planets on the children. The period of the planets is fixed. The period of Moon continues for the ten years and Mars ten years. I have seen that during the period of the Moon the child play with the water and playing with danger during the period of Mars.

Rahu Mahadasha & children
The children are seen very curious and they stay away from their house when the period of Rahu comes.

Jupiters Mahadasha (Period)
The child looks mature and behaves like an aged person during the period of Jupiter. In spite of childhood, the child talks like an intellectual.

Venus Period & your children’s Interest
The child tends to spend all his time to eat, drink & leisure during the period of Venus comes. The child pays special attention to fashionable clothes & also on cosmetics. 

Saturn’s Mahadasha & your children’s Interest
If a child is born during the period of Saturn is going on, It is seen that the child becomes very serious and he understand the responsibility. He knows his duty and pays attention to his works.

Mercury’s Period & Interest of your child
During the period of Mercury, the attention of the child remains toward his study. The child is seen talkative during this period. They remain busy in doing something to attract the attention of others.

Ketu’s Mahadasha & Children
In the Ketu’s period, the mood of child swing many times in the day and he looks everything with curiosity.

Sun Period & Kids Interest
During the period of Sun, the child’s attention remains towards his father only and he imitates his father. He learns everything from his father without using his brain.

Period of Moon & children’s Interest
If the period of the Moon is going on during childhood, the children are attached to their mother. They prefer to play with water and don’t go away from their mother.

Everyone knows that the period of every planet is fixed. After a certain period, the period of the next planet start. When the period of the planets changes, everything change. Earlier the child would like to draw pictures now he like the dance. So it is not necessary that a child who likes painting and draws pictures in his childhood would become a painter later. Therefore, choosing the subject for his study after seeing his interest & hobby is not right and it would be similar to imposing study on him. 

Career Prediction for your child

Now I talking according to astrology. So if the question arises before you that how to choose the career for your child then, first of all, check the horoscope and see the period of the which planet will come during that time.

An Example

I tell you an example to prove my point, one young who has just completed his study of Business wanted to start the business. But as soon as, his study completed, the period of Mercury also ended and the period of Saturn started. Now it is the principle of astrology that the person chooses to do business under the influence of the planet Mercury but on the contrary, a person likes to do a job under the influence of Saturn. So in spite of doing his study in business, that person later became the software engineer. 

You would have seen that a business runs successfully for the initially period of 15 to 20 years and later the stagnation period comes. This is due to the period of planets because after every 15 to 20 years the period of planets changes fully.

The period of planets are as follows: the period of Jupiter is 16 years, Saturn is 19 years, Rahu is 18 years, Mercury is 17 years and the longest period is of Venus, it is 20 years. Therefore, after 20 years everything changes not only in the career but also in life. You know change is the law of nature.

A government Doctor remains a doctor forever but he always has the option to open his private hospital. A Teacher gives tuition after his retirement. A film actor after attaining the age of fifty years, start to play the role of father, grandfather in the film. There is nothing permanent and everything changes according to the time.  

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